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Developed on November 2001 in a 1.7 hectare lot in Barangay Maduya transferred at Brgy. Lantic. It was funded in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture under a “1 million counterpart funding program.” 

Program Objectives:

-    To promote environmentally sound and healthy farm products free from synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides
-    To provide a demonstration farm that will motivate farmers to go into organic farming
-    To maximize agricultural returns for the remaining farm lands


-    Organic vegetable production

Vegetables that can be grown whole year round

                carrots            pepper        spinach

                petchay          kutsai         chinese kangkong 

                mustard          lettuce        squash

                eggplant         onion leeks

                lady finger       sweet potato

                bitter gourd    cucumber

                bottle guard    corn

                pole beans      radish


    Cool Season Crops (October-February)

    1. Cabbage        4. Celery

    2. Cauliflower     5. Bell Pepper

    3. Broccoli


-     Native chicken production


-     Ornamental production 

-     Urban Agriculture showcase area

In response to the need to educate the people with the efficient and very practical use of space, particularly with the urbanization of the communities, an Urban Agriculture Showcase Area has been added to the farm. There, the people can see a small lot with different vegetables and herbs growing side by side or growing in cans, bottles, and other containers that are simply discarded.

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