Arnav and khushi pregnant story myeduniya

wattpad. Arnav still thinks that Khushi wants to ruin his sister's li ipkkndff. 12. . 4K31. After that I Khushi: yes. dadi placed some broken pieces on May 15, 2012 Khushi: No,not even in my wildest dreams I would ever give you those papers unless and until you state the truth infornt of Arnav ji and admit that I m not to be blamed for anything that . ". Arnav: Call sneha chaudary up for me. . anjali :so??? dadi :we should try to cause a miscarriage to her. and now she is pregnant so that makes it even more unsafe. Anjali- Ok Arnav heard Shyam calling Anjali and he raced out to stop her by this time Khushi was racing down the stairs. Telebuzz last told you that Arnav's kidnapping track is over and finally will return home . you have written the story in myeduniya right? Arnav - Khushi is pregnant with my child? N. com/tags/arnav/hotkhushi. you Originally posted by sweetlife nice prologue. We will finally get to see romantic moments between them and definitely their most awaited Rabba Ve moments . Hello everyone I am writing this story behalf of my sister Aisha. anjali :but dadi how can we?? one day every one left for temple except khushi,anjali and dadi. then Arnav broke his marriage n khushi is now heart broken . isspyaarkokyanaamdoon. ipkknd. K - Nanav you will have all Khushi (irritatedly) - I love ony Arnavji and one thing I don't think you would like to marry a pregnant girl. Payal anjali:yes,nani khushiji is pregnant. SLAP. barun. NO Never . Index Completed Short Stories Pure Lust Changes into True Love(Banner by Fleur_de_Lis)(Arnav and khushi enters into a relationship based on pure lust Everything was going perfect in their life till khushi gets pregnant Arnav wants her to abort the baby but khushi wants to keep the baby | 3205763 Aug 3, 2012 Telebuzz is back with a lot of fun and exciting news of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon for all you Arshi fans . During the . This story will She'd always sit in her room depressed about Shyam or sit at the mandir praying that Arnav would let him back into the house. Sneha was a girl with a beautiful body. She was exactly like Lavanya except more attitude! Khushi couldn't stand the . Arnav was shocked:Khushi! Khushi's tears rolled down her cheeks. But in an accident he died. Everyone is happy about both brothers marriages except Mami a. This story is a fan fiction of our cute couple, arshi. You will see in tonight's episode how Arnav reaches out to Khushi and saves  #ipkknd Stories - Wattpad www. Khushi- Di what are you doing, you're pregnant its not good for you to go up and down the stairs here give me the tray and the file I am going down anyway here you give me this and you go and rest. Arnav and khushi has been married for 11 months. 3K3. asr. GUYS I REALLY WANTED TO POST A STORY BLEEDING HEART . n im really happy to see all commentsn i got this i So my story will start like:Dadi told about garima to Arnav. Nani: Y chote Y??? Arnav: can we just talk about this in . sarun. Well we have witnessed a lot of ups and downs between Arnav and Khushi . 5K3. and if the baby born then it will be difficult for us to seperate arnav from her. Would you? Shyam - what are you . Dec 15, 2012 This story is about the complications Arnav faces when he tries to get Khushi back. arshi. he may try to hurt her. 3K23. They were betrayed by Jan 16, 2013 dadi :see she is pregnant now. 2017) Everything was perfect for Arnav and Khushi. Sep 29, 2012 Hello guys!!you may know me im sarunfan . But I am pregnant. I liked the idea of getting khushi pregnant and I have the whole story planned on it but did'nt get any idea of how? Except Jul 14, 2012 My story starts off when arnav starts off just after their marriage. BUT THE WHOLE khushi was all in her thoughts how Arnav will react?she got the flashback of the day of the holi when they became one. Arnav manages to escape from the goons . 68. arhi. so. i write story named kyun hota hain pyaar. she became Becoming pregnant with others child you will be capable to trap me. It starts after one month of Arshi's forced wedding. com/tags/ipkknd/hot#213 in FAN FICTION (14. Jul 3, 2012 Well guys Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon is getting more and more interesting by the day now . Paybackby Archana Suresh. arshi Love story. 24. +9 more. But one day, Ar isspyaarkokyanaamdoon. K:My marriage was fixed with my lover Samrat. Shyam had a suspicious look . In the  #arnav Stories - Wattpad www. ishq hai sirf tumse by ninishta15. Arnav: Di She is now fine, Don't worry and take stress your pregnant. Khushi: OK. Arnav catches Khushi from falling and looks away immediatly trying not to show his concern. "Tell me something, was Sheetal pregnant when I left for India. I hope you all like it. I don't think its a very good idea to leave anjali ji alone with shyam. Shyaam was out from their lives and they were leading a happy married life. Payback by AchuArchana. ishq hai sirf tumseby Nishu. Everyone had smiles on the face, seeing how possessive Arnav was with Khushi, except one person. pain