Self-Employment Assistance Kaunlaran Program (SEAP)
This is a livelihood assistance which involves provision of an integrated package of social welfare services to needy family heads, disadvantaged women, out-of-school youth and persons with disabilities that will enable them to uplift their socio-economic status. The service includes financial assistance, social preparation/ capability building, technical assistance and other support services.

Why is SEAP- Kaunlaran Project Important?

It enhances the capability of community-based credit associations to self-administer a socialized credit scheme for income-generating projects of socially and economically disadvantaged individuals, families and groups. How can associations/ accredited NGOs/ People’s Organizations avail of seed capital assistance under the SEAP Kaunlaran?


They should undertake the following:

Organize a SEAP Kaunlaran Association with 5 to 6 sub-groups of five members each.
Attend a SEAP Kaunlaran training, basic business management training and weekly meetings.
Pay membership fees and regular weekly savings contribution.
Open a savings account with Landbank or any accredited banks.

How much financial grant/ assistance is provided to beneficiaries?


Community-based credit associations - P 100,000.00
Retail stores which sell basic commodities at low price – Murang Paninda Para sa Masa -P5,000 to P 20,000.00
Productivity Skills Capability Building for Disadvantaged Women
Individual Projects - P 1,000.00 to 5,000.00
Supervised Neighborhood Production Group (5-25 members in sub-contractual jobs) - P10,000 to 20,000.00
Community Production Center - P 50,000 to P 100,000
DEAP Pangkababaihan Loanable minimum amount is - P 1,000.00

*** The loan is interest free and payable within 10 to 12 months (weekly basis)Steps in Applying/ Processing the SEAP Kaunlaran Loan Program

Go to MSWD Carmona and inquire for the SEAP Kaunlaran
If qualified, a credit interview will follow.
Applicants must attend the Business Management Seminar
Submit the necessary documents and requirements such as: Brgy. Clearance and Financial Statement
MSWD staff and coordinators will make a SEAP Case Study Plan/ Report for the said application
Applicants will be informed of the schedule of release of their loans. Usually it takes a month before the loan was released.

What other services are provided under the SEAP Kaunlaran?

Aside from financial assistance the following services are provided:

* Social preparation/ capability building
* Technical Assistance
* Sessions on modular packages on maternal and child care, self-enhancement, community participation, and leadership skills development for women
* Other support services like supplemental feeding, assistance for individual in crisis situations, food-for-work, food-for- growth, family life development services and counseling.

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