Health Services
An improved health service increases the productive capacity of the population. The Local Government of Carmona is expected to provide better health services and facilities to promote, protect and maintain good health. The availability of health services is significant and contributory factor toward the attainment of good health.


The promotion and sustainability of preventive health care in Carmona has been achieved thru the joint effort of the Municipal Health Center and Pagamutang Bayan ng Carmona.

Carmona Health Center

Carmona Main Health Center is a certified Sentrong Sigla Awardee. The Department of Health (DOH) under the Quality in Health Program devised the project to institutionalize Continuous Quality Improvement in health care. DOH granted the seal of excellence to Carmona Main Health Center as Sentrong Sigla Phase I Awardee on December 2001, as a consequence of the health impact in the community in terms of health promotion and diseases prevention. It takes pride in the delivery of quality health services and improved health facility. In addition to the seal of excellence is one million peso grant (P1,000,000,000.00) that was used to purchase more medicines, modern equipment and the conduct of trainings for the staff of the health center.


With its continuous efforts to deliver quality health service, Carmona Health Center again received the Sentrong Sigla Phase II Award on October 2005. The different innovative health programs as well as the standard programs were coupled with efficient health staff. Carmona Main Health Center is now a two storey building with complete amenities and equipments required of a health facility. The award was supplemented by a five hundred thousand (P500,000.00) grant from the Department of Health.

Carmona TB DOTS Center was established in year 2000 to provide prompt, accurate diagnosis and effective treatment for Tuberculosis. The health staff underwent trainings for DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment Short course chemotherapy), which is the effective way to treat TB. At Carmona TB DOTS Center, the patient is assured of a high cure rate. The health staffs are well equipped in terms of skills and knowledge to assist the patient to recovery. Since the TB DOTS Center is a Philhealth accredited facility, a Philhealth member and their dependents can avail of diagnostic laboratory and free medicines for six months.

Pagamutang Bayan ng Carmona

Pagamutang Bayan ng Carmona started on March 1995 as part of Rural Health Center and as a medical clinic. It was thru the initiative of Roy M. Loyola together with the Carmona Doctors' Association and the different investors that it started as an outpatient clinic and maternity lying-in health facility operating on daytime only.


On September 1995, PBC extended its services to a 24-hour emergency and lying-in clinic with 8-bed capacity.


Mid-year of 1998, expansion of PBC was made to accommodate more patients and provide much effective health services as a primary hospital. It was awarded by the Cavite Provincial Government as the “Cleanest and Greenest Government Hospital” because of its Infection Control Program and Waste Segregation.


With the LGU’s determination to extend more services, facilities of the PBC were also expanded. The emergency room was made more spacious and well ventilated with air-conditioning system. In 2004, additional physicians were hired to man the increasing number of outpatient consultations. Waiting lounge, corridors and lobby were well-ventilated and well-lighted. A registered medical technologist was hired for the operation of the licensed laboratory. The ward area was made bigger and now divided into four sections: adult female room with seven beds, one adult male ward with three beds, one pediatric room with four beds, and one isolation room with two beds.


In 2005, consultancy program such as medicine and pediatric services was started to make medical consultation available to indigent patients. Another expansion was made which includes X-ray department, OPD section, consultation office, central supply room, pharmacy, administrative office and proposed private room.


Additional equipment and apparatuses were purchased like stainless medicine cabinets, emergency trolley, labor bed, delivery bed, emergency beds, suction stands, IV stands, laboratory equipment and an x-ray machine.

With its continuous improvement and expansion, PBC now has 18-bed capacity and more health services were offered for free.


What set the tone for the MHO and PBC to perform well is a local government unit that keeps on looking at spending on health is an investment and not an expenditure.



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