Business in Carmona is booming. In fact, there are eight (8) existing industrial complexes in the town which are considered at par with the other industrial complexes in the neighbouring towns. Its proximity to Manila and at the same time being the gateway to the CALABARZON area made Carmona a promising venue for business. On the other hand, the local government has been very supportive of the investors. The administration continuously proves its worth as host for both local and foreign investors as evidenced by:

· implementation of the one-stop-shop during renewal of business permits which creates convenient and comfortable atmosphere for taxpayers

· annual recognition of best employers

· provision of skilled manpower


At present, the eight industrial complexes in the town are as follows:


1) People’s Technology Complex

2) Southcoast Industrial Estate

3) Mountview Industrial Complex I

4) Mountview Industrial Complex II

5) Welborne Industrial Complex

6) Granville Industrial Complex

7) Golden Mile Industrial Park

8) Sterling Properties


Ranging from 9-100 hectares, these industrial estates are complete with amenities, secured, and in close coordination with the municipal government through the Carmona Business Club and other agencies.




Carmona is composed of 1581 commercial & business establishments. One is the Walter Mart Commercial Center situated at the Macaria Business Park which covers a land area of 13.13has.

 Walter Mart Commercial Center


Peace and Order


Carmona, as a business friendly location has maintained the peace and order of its community with help from private volunteer groups and community organizations which support the LGU in its efforts at crime prevention.The local police force works in close cooperation with other PNP units and agencies both in the provincial and national level. Extending support to its efforts, the Carmona Traffic Management Office oversees road safety and regulations. Moreover, emergencies and fires are quickly responded to by the local Bureau of Fire Station with additional enforcements from other fire stations in Cavite.Among the industrialized towns in Cavite, Carmona is considered the most peaceful. It has a very low crime rate at 7.15%, with a crime solution efficiency of 90%, despite the unfavorable policeman-to-population ratio of 1:1,788. This is made possible through the concerted efforts of the Carmona PNP, private volunteer groups, and organizations with the local government taking the lead. Working hand in hand with the local government is the Bureau of Fire Protection which is always ready especially in times of disaster. It has widened its facilities by coordinating with the other BFP offices in the province. Traffic in Carmona is generally smooth as there are deployed enforcers regulating traffic flow especially in choke points. This is handled by the Carmona Traffic Management Office.


Environmental Management


The municipality is committed to work for economic growth without compromising ecological preservation and protection. This was reinforced with the establishment of the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) last 1997 to work hand in hand with the community and stakeholders towards the realization of harmonious coexistence with the environment.

Environmental Compliance of industrial establishments evidenced by their Environmental Compliance Certificates (ECCs), Wastewater Discharge Permits, Permit to Operate Air Pollution installations, integrated waste management, good housekeeping practices and the activities of their designated pollution control officers are monitored by the MENRO as part of its annual routine activity and basis for business permit evaluation. The office also offers technical assistance in order for industries to comply with the law at the minimum and set further goals for continuous improvement of environmental performance.

 In 2002, Carmona won the coveted Gawad Galing Pook Award for excellence in good governance. Carmona Ecology Center was cited as a showcase of “good practice” in solid waste management.

 Beyond environmental control, however, Carmona has transcended to the enhancement and improvement of its surroundings. A component of the community-based program it embarked on is Lingap Paligid, a clean and green program. Together, the package of programs of MENRO presents a daily attraction for ecotour enthusiasts.


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