Carmona Public Market

Carmona Public Market (CPM), the only public market in the town, was conceptualized in the latter part of 1995 Image during the first term of our incumbent mayor as part of his efforts to boost the commercial status of the municipality. From its inception, the prime consideration in the design and construction of the public market is to emphasize its uniqueness. Other considerations were its accessibility to diffrerently-abled individuals and total shopping convenience for the patrons.            

As with most of the projects spearheaded by Mayor Loyola, the design, construction and subsequent operations of CPM are the results of a total team effort from all municipal departments.             

As early as 1999 or two years before the market’s inauguration, Mayor Loyola created the Public Market Ad Hoc Committee composed of department heads and representatives from the Sangguniang Bayan. It was tasked to create the Market Code and ensure that the initial organization and operations of the public market will conform to existing standards of the highest level.           
After its inauguration on February 17,2001, Mayor Loyola mobilized all department heads to promote and advertise the Carmona Public Market with the neighboring communities including subdivisions and villages.